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Dr. Andrea Carter, an educational leader, and certified (now retired) elementary school teacher for over twenty-five years, has always supported children’s learning and development. Using research-based instructional strategies and experiences she learned while in the classroom, Dr. Andrea has produced results for students that significantly impacted their learning experiences. She has helped children excel in reading and life by providing empowering context to young learners.

Over three decades, Dr. Andrea has worked with thousands of children struggling with reading, teaching reading and life skills to help them become responsible and successful citizens of society. She realized that one of the common problems most parents faced was getting their children interested in reading and becoming responsible, successful citizens of society.

Teachers & parents often say that getting students interested in reading can be daunting.

Research indicates that the biggest determining factor in keeping kids interested in reading is choosing relatable books even when a book is challenging.

Knowing that reading is the bedrock necessary for learning and instilling a
love of reading and developing good reading habits at an early age is the key that unlocks the door to lifelong learning, Dr. Andrea had a divine plan.

A Scholastic Kids & Family Reading Report study says that most children will experience a phenomenon called the Decline by Nine, where their interest in reading wanes at age 9. Dr. Andrea knows that there are ways teachers and parents can support children to increase their reading level and interest in reading and prevent this occurrence. All it takes is a plan and a whole lot of fun for reading adventures!

Dr. Andrea created a book series with a fun, lovable character, Pretty Pops, with universally relatable themes and positive content to help children become good readers and responsible citizens regardless of age.

By solving the lack of diversity and inclusion problem in children’s book characters, Dr. Andrea began her quest to create books relatable to all kids and share her divinely inspired children’s books worldwide.

Dr. Andrea’s
"Groundbreaking'' Discovery

According to national test scores, the pandemic school disruptions resulted in the most significant drop in reading achievement in 30 years.

Dr. Andrea knew what she needed to do. She describes how when children see themselves and their experiences in books, it builds connections and makes the book relatable.

According to national test scores, the pandemic school disruptions resulted in the most significant drop in reading achievement in 30 years.

Dr. Andrea knew what she needed to do. She describes how when children see themselves and their experiences in books, it builds connections and makes the book relatable.

Being able to relate to characters in the stories inspires children to become avid readers.

When Dr. Andrea read books to her students, she noticed that many of the book choices lacked variety and diversity, not only of color but also of what children experienced.

Dr. Andrea needed to reach not only her students in the classroom but also children on a global scale to share that children and what they go and grow through matter.

That’s why Dr. Andrea wrote groundbreaking books that transcend race, class, gender, and age to encourage children to read and support their development of becoming successful, well-rounded adults through diverse and empowering content.

Dr. Andrea’s strategies cause every listener and hearer of her books to be transformed and become more of what they are capable of becoming every day.

From Dr. Andrea's Best-Selling "Pretty Pops Adventures" Series

What Makes These Books

Dr. Andrea got R.I.D.! 

Relatability is what we need for children to succeed in forming social and emotional connections.

Inclusivity helps children feel represented in books. It’s a gateway for readers to experience characters, cultures, and circumstances different from their own.

Diversity in literature helps children build healthy relationships with people from different backgrounds.

See What Librarians Have to Say

Your storytelling ability is truly remarkable with its vivid imagery, vibrant characters, and engaging plots ignites the imagination of young readers and kindle their love for books. You are always so warm and positive before, during and after the storytelling session.
Mr. Robert W.
Librarian (Atlanta, GA)
The Pretty Pops storytime presented by Dr. Carter at the Dogwood Branch connected genuinely with the attending children and adults. The interests expressed by patrons was to have her visit the branch again to present her new title in the fall. I am excited about the prospect of having her visit the branch again. She has a warm, positive, and inviting personality that pulls people in and makes the story come alive.
Ms. Nikita H.
Librarian (Atlanta, GA)

Grab the 3-Book Paperback Bundle & Save 20%

Letter Tracing ABC Handwriting Practice Workbook Wildlife Animals Coloring Book: For Kids Handwriting Practice Workbook Preschool Writing Kids Ages 4+ LEARN ON YOUR OWN (LOYO) HANDWRITING SERIES

Letter Tracing ABC Handwriting Practice Workbook Wildlife Animals Coloring Book: For Kids Handwriting Practice Workbook Preschool Writing Kids Ages 4+ LEARN ON YOUR OWN (LOYO) HANDWRITING SERIES

This book includes:

Coloring pages that ask kids to color wildlife animals and trace the letters in the animals’ names so they build their fine motor skills. Fun pictures and illustrations. Over 50 full pages worth of practice space. Get your little one on the right path to reading and writing with this exciting LOYO kids’ workbook.

Books were developed by a 20-year teacher, veteran, and educational leader. Our books teach students how to write while students grow their vocabulary by being introduced to new words. Research indicates the more robust the vocabulary, the more imaginative the student. As their language develops, so will their comprehension. Our books are designed to accelerate learning. We use naming, recognition and recall strategies to promote growth.

  • Naming/Labeling – We label all our pictures so that children can make a connection between the picture and the word.
  • One-sided labeled words so they can be placed throughout the home or classroom for continuous recognition.
  • Write and learn wildlife animals’ names.
  • Gain mastery of new words through recall.
  • Over 50 pages of handwriting practice and coloring fun!


This bundle contains:

Pretty Pops and the Lion’s Roar

Buy now at 30% off $29.99


Young readers will be captivated by the fantastic adventure that Pretty Pops, a rare 8-year-old girl, takes them on. This charming children’s book introduces Mr. Lion, the one Pretty adores and the majestic King of the Jungle, who struggles with a surprising obstacle; he doesn’t believe in himself. Each of us has courage within us that is just waiting to arise, as revealed by Oyster. All Mr. Lion has to do is realize that he truly is the King of the Jungle to see and accept it.

Pretty Pops and the Bright Lights Adventure


“Pretty Pops and the Bright Lights Adventure” invites you to travel on a thrilling journey with Pretty Pops. Follow Pretty Pops as she explores the fair and picks up valuable lessons about making wise decisions and always being kind. Pretty Pops is the smartest girl in the world, with her many adventures yet to be told.

Pretty Pops and the Magical Garden


Embark on an exciting adventure with Pretty Pops! She’s not just adventurous; she’s the smartest girl in the world. But her friends are about to discover a secret, hidden amidst her magical garden. Pretty Pops’ friends are jealous as she shares her bounty of healthy vegetables. They leave her because they believe she has a strange ability that she is unwilling to share that is responsible for her blooming garden. They don’t realize that her dedication and hard work are what truly make her magic.

Extra Bonus Added!

Welcome back to Pretty Pops Adventures, where we share wisdom principles to support children in developing character traits that will benefit them throughout their lives. Stories are told in fun, loving, adventurous ways through read-alouds. Here you’ll find a fantastic selection of the best in kids’ literature for pre-school, kindergarten, first and second grade, and above (everyone loves a good read-aloud!). Join Pretty Pops on fun adventures through storytime! At bedtime, in the classroom, library or on the go, these videos can supplement read-alouds. Together we can instill a love of reading and teach children the joy books can bring. Welcome to our reading club!

Dr. Andrea writes divinely inspired books that motivates and teaches life-long lessons while enhancing reading skills. Please support the author and publisher Dr. Andrea as she supports children in becoming all that they could be through her writing by purchasing a copy. There’s nothing like holding an actual book in your hand and turning its pages to fully experience the story. Generations to come will read these classics!

Thank you so very much for watching! Don’t forget to subscribe to stay up-to-date on her latest videos.

See Our 5-Star Reviews

Great books !
Our granddaughter loved these books! She wanted them read to her repeatedly, and she loved talking about the characters and their feelings !

Deborah A.
Everyone Feels: Complete Series (3 Books)Paperback

Great books
Easy to read. Well illustrated.

Jean V.
Everyone Feels: Complete Series (3 Books)Paperback

Complete everyone feels
My 4 year old is constantly bringing me books to read to him. These books help show him that its ok to have feelings.

Jillian E.
Everyone Feels: Complete Series (3 Books)Paperback

Like the books but my order was wrong and 1 book of the 6 I recd had damaged cover not addressed.
Written by a Dr

Marvell L.
Everyone Feels: Complete Series (3 Books)Hardcover

great gift
purchased as a gift and loved it when my great niece called to say thank you.

Linda R.
Everyone Feels: Complete Series (3 Books)Paperback

Fantastic books
How easy they are to read and to discuss

Brenda G.
Everyone Feels: Complete Series (3 Books)Paperback

Great books
My son loves volcanoes, so the anger book really resonated with him. Now whenever he gets upset, we say “Volcano level” and he calms down. Its awesome

Tamara R.
Everyone Feels: Complete Series (3 Books)Hardcover

Everyone Feels series
I bought these books for my daughter who teaches 3rd grade. She thought they would be helpful when teaching children about their BIG feelings! She was glad to receive them

Kathleen K.
Everyone Feels: Complete Series (3 Books)Paperback

The books are great. I’ve unsubscribed from emails 4 times already and still getting several daily. Just order from Amazon.

James G.
Everyone Feels: Complete Series (3 Books)Paperback

Every book
-Bright colored child appropriate pictures. -Educational -Addresses children’s emotions in an affirming way. -Quality made

Gala G.
Everyone Feels: Complete Series (3 Books)

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